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Fundamental Beliefs - About Kelli

I believe in the following:

1)The business marketplace is our biggest mission field. It's not about forcing the Gospel on anyone, although I am a sinner saved by grace and thankful for it. Unashamed of my faith. It's about seeking the opportunity, when it presents itself, to share the Good News; or be an example of it in how you conduct yourself.

2) Childlike Curiosity is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

3) Pat Summitt was one of the greatest leaders - female or otherwise of her generation.

4) There is no substitute for work ethic and accountability.

5) Green Eggs and Ham is the single best sales book I have ever read.

Kelli is a premier Christian business and marketing coach who has helped hundreds of clients and businesses achieve their maximum potential as a strong advertising agency executive and business coach over the last 25 years.

Executive leader that has proven expertise in optimizing revenue growth and building business plans for clients that achieve results. Change agent in the areas of sales & marketing, revenue growth and brand optimization. Unique ability to attain market leadership position.

C-suite experience coaching organizations for start up, small to medium businesses and business units up to $2B in sales. Have special emphasis and background in B2B & B2C marketing along with additional emphasis on digital marketing and brand experiences with interactive, mobile, and social media expertise.

► Revenue Generation: Generated over $270MM in new business strategic account revenue in last 15 years, $20MM growth in the last 18 months

► Go-to-Market Strategy: Specializing in developing go to market strategies for businesses who are looking for exponential growth and have the appetite for change

► Real Estate Marketing & Business Planning: Coaches real estate businesses who desire growth in online strategy, business and resource planning and digital tools - Proven results.

► High Performance Team Building: Built successful sales and marketing teams with Fortune 1000 corporations while achieving significant gains in productivity, quality, customer retention and satisfaction. Recognized as INC5000 Fastest Growing 4 separate times and requested speaker for digital marketing and brand summits.

► Organizational and Cultural Transformation: Transformed an under-performing manufacturing organization into the parent company’s leading revenue growth engine; achieved highest ratings on company-wide employee satisfaction surveys decreasing turnover rate from 60% to less than 10%

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