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The Easy Way to fix Ugly - Armstrong Success

Armstrong Residential Ceilings has declared war on ugly popcorn ceilings, and enlisted LEAP to lead the charge. They wanted to create an attention-getting campaign to promote their residential ceiling tiles as the easy way to cover up popcorn. They gave us LEAPsters the go ahead to get creative. Ultimately, LEAP worked with Armstrong to develop the Armstrong Cover-Up Campaign. And did we sure turn the ceiling world upside down!

From Ugly to a Real Looker

LEAP developed two 30-second web videos, each of which feature quirky, every-man character “fixing” a problem by covering it up, then applying that same logic to his popcorn ceiling. In a few quick cuts the ceiling is fixed and the every-man has become the hero. The message being if this chump can do it, any homeowner can. The spots were filmed completely in-studio, with custom built sets and perfectly casted actors (if we do say so ourselves).

A Beautiful Finish

The campaign has been not only a huge success, but award winning. Armstrong’s retail ceilings department has asked LEAP to extend the Cover-Up Campaign due to popular demand.

Ready to fix ugly? Watch the Cover- Up Campaign videos below.

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