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Change for the Better - McGohan Brabender

LEAP set out to show all the special benefits and perks that set McGohan Brabender apart from the benefit brokerage competition. The initial project was to redesign the website, followed by creating a brand awareness trailer to feature on it. The video was such a success at highlighting McGohan Brabender, LEAP went on to write a radio script to give McGohan Brabender even more attention.

When it comes to health benefits these days, change isn’t optional. You need a partner who can develop a plan that maximizes benefits while minimizing costs. McGohan Brabender is that partner. As one of the country’s largest independent benefit brokers, they have the expertise to deliver a happier, healthier workforce for less money through benefit consulting, compliance, and health risk management across the country.

Health and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Not only does McGohan Brabender help businesses take care of employees, they take care of their OWN employees as well. Take for example, their infamous oatmeal bar. They realized when they take care of their own employees, they not only become happier, but extremely healthier as a whole.

Phones Ring. Success Answers.

LEAP wrote a 30-second awareness radio spot which was voiced live on NPR during AM/PM Drive. Our in-house video team LEAPframe also recorded an alternate 20-second spot (with our own Brandon Faris acting as the voice over), which aired on WYSO and WVXU. Immediately, the phones started ringing off the hook at McGohan Brabender – so many phone calls its hard to count. To put it into perspective, our message has been delivered over 5 million times with radio alone making 4,222,932 impressions. This drove a flood of new visits to the McGohan Brabender website, proving the radio spot was a huge success!

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