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What are the most important qualities in sales?

Let's face it, salespeople get a LOT of rejection. For every "yes ,I will talk to you", there are sometimes equally as many "no's". So, when searching for a new sales person for your team, what are the KEY qualities that you should consider as non-negotiables?

1. Optimism - Great salespeople have to be optimistic. They have to have a rational grip on the situation at hand and have tenacity when facing their day. In a recent meeting, a team member said that what they appreciated about me was my "sticktuitiveness". I thought that was a funny word; but I appreciated the comment and took it as a compliment. Having tenacity in sales is important; because sometimes it's not a sprint - its a marathon.

2. Passion - Every great salesperson should be passionate about what they are selling. Whether it be a product or a service, they need to believe in it. I'm in a business where helping other people achieve their goals is critical to their success and mine. Being passionate, curious, invested are great hallmark qualities of a good salesperson.

3. Team Oriented and Coachable - I lump these into the same category because good salespeople are team players. They recognize that their success is predicated on the team around them and building up their teammates. And they are coachable and willing to listen to feedback, whether it be from the client or their team members.

4. Integrity - This probably should have been my #1 key characteristic, but it seems so elementary and integral to every area of your life that it almost doesn't require explanation. There have been many times in my career that I have walked away from an opportunity because I didn't feel it was in the best interest of my client; which brings me to my last and final key characteristic of a great salesperson.

5. Great Relationship Builder - Some would argue that a true salesperson, a hunter, needs to be a good negotiator over a good relationship builder. I disagree with this sentiment. Anyone can negotiate a "good deal". We see it all the time in our society. But integrity and relationship building are those intangibles that make someone like you, which ultimately leads to them trusting you.

I've worked alongside some GREAT salespeople in my day. I've observed some of the best. I happen to be married to a great salesman - after all, he sold me! All of them have these key qualities I have shared and many more. If you are seeking for growth in your business, these are the qualities above all others that I would shoot for.

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