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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

Reflections on Election Week

Many of my Facebook friends posted the "I voted today" badge on their pages yesterday and shared with the world their view on the privilege we share as Americans to have our voice heard through the power of democracy and our individual right to be heard through our vote. I agree that voting is indeed a tremendous privilege shared by each and every one of my fellow citizens and truly appreciate the freedoms given to me by our Founding Fathers and the many loved and cherish family members and friends who have served in the Armed Forces or are serving to protect our freedoms and defend our liberty.

I wanted to stop and share my view, however on what I believe the greatest tool is that we have in our toolbox as Americans; it is absolutely free to use and costs nothing but time to exercise - and that is the tool of PRAYER.

When I woke up this morning I flipped on the television to hear person after person talk about the election aftermath and share their perspective on the Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate and what that would mean for America.

My view is that no matter where you landed this morning when you put your feet on the ground and got out of bed - whether you are left or right - or committed to a Party or Independent - we all have one tool available to us that is totally ours to exercise and that no one else can influence - and that is our simple ability to PRAY. Pray for your country, pray for its leaders, pray for wisdom for those leaders, Pray for those who have opposing views from you. The Bible tells us that God will honor a nation who prays. So, I ask you as a fellow American...are you up for this simple task? Can you put politics, party affiliations and differences aside and join me in simply praying that God will honor his promise to protect and delight in our nation by exercising your simple, free and totally available tool of PRAYER?

As parents we teach out children to practice the Golden Rule. Treat others how we want to be treated. Respect people's differences. I challenge each of you to take 5 minutes each day, whether in the shower, riding in the car, eating lunch, or before bedtime to do this one simple task---Pray for your nation. Pray for its leaders. The Bible says in Psalms 33:12: "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD." I beileve that God will honor the nation and its members who come to Him in prayer. The Naitonal Day of Prayer for the United States is May 7,2015. I challenge you not to wait. I challenge you to pray daily, earnestly that God will be invited back to prominence in our nation. We hear stories all the time about how prayer is being praised for making amazing things happen in the world. I believe we can start a national revolution through exercising our totally free, and unencumbered ability to simply--- PRAY.

Paul encouraged believers to pray for their leaders in 1Timothy 2:1-4. We have the ability to be change agents in our nation and in my view, we have more POWER as individuals than our collective leadership - left or right - combined. Who is with me?

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