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The lost art form of thank you notes and homemade pie crusts - a recipe for success

I was talking with one of my clients from a fellow agency the other day and she said, "I just have to thank you for your handwritten thank you notes - what a lost art form!"

In our fast paced world today, we email, text, tweet, voicemail, and IM people as a means of quick communication and sharing. I still, however, send hand written thank you notes to people that I meet with. Not because I am the "old dog" of the group - but because I believe that personal touch matters.

Are we really that busy that we couldn't take three to five minutes to send someone a note from the heart that say "Thank you for your business, or thank you for your time" or "I enjoyed meeting you today"? Sincerity matters. There are no shortage of competitors courting our clients and prospects - what will separate us from the pack? Sincerity. Authenticity. Honesty. Tenacity. These are the tenets of long term success.

It's all about the extra effort. The same goes for homemade pie crust & thank you notes. Now, anybody that's anybody knows that just one of the legacies of every Southern mother to her daughter is a good biscuit recipe, some well pressed table linens, a hand-me-down apron and rolling pin, a good Bible, a monogrammed handkerchief and a lesson in homemade pie crusts and etiquette in correspondence. I happen to have the benefit of all of the above - thanks to a Southern mother and two Southern grandmothers.

So, I contend that taking the time to tell someone thank you in the written form of a thank you note still wins you points for extra effort and a little class. And just so you don't think I'm selfish - here's my mom's recipe for pie crusts - she was after all, the best in 3 counties and the envy of the church social. Enjoy. If you like it, send me a written thank you note and I might make you a pie. Thanks Millie (Grams) for the rolling pin - it's still getting a workout.

Connie Sue and Millie's homemade pie crusts:

2c flour and 1

tsp salt - mix

2/3 crisco shortening + 2 tbsp chopped up good, mix with pastry tool and add in flour and salt

1/4 c lukewarm water (don't use too much water!)

On two sheets of wax paper - sprinkle flour. Mix crust and divide into balls. Flour the top and roll out with grandma's rolling pin.

It's worth the extra effort.

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