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Tapping into your Leadership Potential - Key Attributes of Great Women Leaders

There are great women leaders everywhere and I have had the opportunity of working with some amazing women leaders and observing their behavior over the last several years. There are a few key attributes that stand out to me in some of the more amazing women leaders I know.

1) Be Fearless. That doesn't mean have no fear. What it means is have faith in yourself and perservere. When others say you can't do it, do it anyway. Don't give up Have tenacity. That equals staying power.

2) Provide Encouragement. Encourage other Women Leaders. Women need to encourage other women in leadership through positive reinforcement and mentoring. See a bright young woman who has potential? Tell her. Be intentional in developing someone else's leadership gifts. Sometimes all we need is a nudge to step over our fears and prevail.

3) Live Teamwork. Pay attention to the People. Great leaders are defined by the teams they build around them and the strengths they build up in others. They are not defined by doing it all themselves, but rather by assembling a strong team of individuals and capitalizing on their collective strengths. They understand their own limitations and seek to build a group of people around them to accomplish the purpose. Even Jesus worked as a team with the 12 Disciples.

4) Maintain Balance - Dont try to "have it all - all at once". Having it all is a myth, in my book. There are times you have to turn it off in one or more area of your life to maintain balance. Whether it is taking 30 minutes each morning to pray, meditate or read, or shuffling the balance between work and family, seek to maintain a healthy balance in your life. The best leaders know that "yes" is not always the right answer. Sometimes saying "no" or "not right now" is the right answer. People respect a well balanced woman or individual.

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