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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

Failing in the Drive Through

Not too long ago I went through a drive through late one evening coming home from work. I was tired and didn't feel like cooking so I perused the menu and saw a large outdoor POP advertising stating Buy One Sandwich, get One for 25cents. I ordered and pulled around to the window. The customer service representative proceeded to tell me the total of my order was in excess of $10 and I knew that to be incorrect for the Promo that I had ordered. When questioned, the QSR rep told me that unless people specifically asked for the special price at the window, that they were encouraged and mandated to charge full price for both sandwiches. Since I had asked for the special price, she was supposed to give it to me. If my exhaustion had taken over and I had not indeed asked for the deal that I thought I was getting, I would have paid in excess of $10 for the dinner and they would have pocketed the profit. This is directly opposed to the customer service drive through experience I had recently at Chick Fil A in Mason, OH. I ran through the drive through on my way out of town for a quick mid afternoon meeting out of state and stopped to get two sandwiches and two drinks for my traveling partner and me. We were greeted by a dual-lane drive through with a level of efficiency I have never seen before and a customer service experience that exceeded my expectation.I was so astounded by the level of their customer service experience that I circled the building, went through the drive through again and took pictures of the exercise in efficiency.Score one for Chick Fil A - you got this brand builders attention! And shame on you - leading burger provider - you disappointed me greatly.#good experience #brand leader #chick fil a #bait and switch

#qsr #customerservice #fail #baitandswitch #chickfila #goodexperience

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