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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

The Power of Positive Thinking and a Smile - a lesson from a Five Year Old

My five year old son, Jon Kelly, got his first pair of glasses today. While we had noticed that he was standing a little too close to the TV while watching it lately and holding things up a little closer to try to read them, I had hoped that it was just an active boy bouncing around - not an optical challenge to be addressed. However, our trip to the eye doctor this morning confirmed our suspicions and Jon Kelly was deemed farsighted and in need of glasses.I learned two things today from that experience:1. Attitude and Perspective Are Everything . Does Jon Kelly look upset about getting his first pair of glasses and being told he would most likely wear them from here on out for the rest of his life? Not in the least. In fact, his first words were, upon donning his stylish new spectacles - "This is awesome!! I can see everything now!" While mom sulked in the corner about covering up my son's pretty baby blues - he was bouncing in excitement barely able to contain himself over the new world his glasses (and improved vision) were opening up for him.2. A Smile Makes Everything Better So Be In Love with Your Life - Every Minute of It. What started out as a bummer in my book, turned out to be a celebration in Jon's book. He smiled at me, put the glasses on and started reading everything in sight with glee in his voice and a smile on his face. That smile reminded me that every day is a gift. A day with sight or improved sight is better than a day with no sight - it's a gift! Stop and take the time to appreciate what we have - instead of worrying about what we don't have. And no matter what, when a five year old smiles at you - I don't care who you are - you can't help but smile back! It's contagious! I'm so thankful for the gift of a "glass is half-full vs. glass is half-empty" child who finds delight and wonder in the smallest of blessings. It's a reminder to all of us whether during a stressful workday, work week or work life - that smiling is NOT overrated and there is always something to be thankful for. Thanks Jon Kelly, for being the teacher so I could be the student. Quite simply, you ROCK.

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