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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

Embracing a Brand and Corporate Legacy

Digging around in a box of dust covered archives, I recently uncovered Wally the Witt (featured in the black and white image here and had the distinct pleasure to update and refresh him for Witt in 2014 (featured color image) and share in his unveiling in the newly launched Witt Product Catalog.Wally the Witt was created by a local advertising agency for Witt back in the 1950's and graced many years and thousands of pieces of direct mail advertising that went to hundreds of Witt Industry distributors nationwide. Wally the Witt provided great pieces of product information and selling tips on how to best market Witt Industry receptacles in the jan/san marketplace for many, many years.Wally 2.0's future use has yet to be determined but you can be assured he is a fun brand ambassador that allows us to give a well deserved nod to the 125 year legacy of Witt Industries leading position in the waste and recycling receptacle marketplace. Wally's refresh was completed by Cody Huston, our design and marketing manager for Witt Industries.

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