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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

The Art of Service - A Lesson from the Greatest Generation and Dick Van Dyke

I have had the pleasure and distinction of getting to know one of the greatest American treasures of all time - Mr. Dick Van Dyke.I became acquainted with Dick from my work as a board member and leader of the marketing initiative for The Cell Therapy Foundation - a 501c3 not for profit organization focused on the advancement and research of adult stem cell therapies. Dick is the national celebrity spokesperson for CTF and this picture was taken near his home in Malibu, CA one bright spring afternoon. What I learned from Dick is that there is a work ethic and a propensity to serve that is embodied by the Greatest Generation that doesn't begin with the phrase " What's in it for me?". They serve willfully, gladly, unapologetically and dutifully because they come from a time and an era where service - whether to your country or to your neighbor, your church or your family was expected - it was an honor and a privelege - not a chore. It is in-bred in them as is their deep rooted desire to help those less fortunate.As spokesperson for the Cell Therapy Foundation, Dick has raised the awareness of the positive outcomes and benefits of the adult stem cell research being done in the world today and celebrated by groups such as the Cell Therapy Foundation.My favorite thing about Dick Van Dyke is that what you see with him is what you get. He is a consummate professional, funny man extraordinnaire and fantastic human being. Thank you Dick for showing me the art of service from a member of the Greatest Generation - you are a celebrity in my book not because of just your many amazing accomplishments as a comedian, actor, director, and aspiring animator - but because you are a true hero for your gift of service. Thanks for the memories Dick.I

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