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  • Kelli Sue Pettigrew

A gift from my team....priceless!

I received a gift from my Witt Team. It was to commemorate the launch of our 2014 brand re-design and our 2014 catalog. For once, I was speechless! The gift was simple - a printed placard in a simple desk frame. But the message was priceless.The quote was from a great American hero, General Douglas MacArthur, touted as one of the great military leaders of our time. The message from my team was clear. The months we have spent together - shoulder to shoulder - laboring through the brand redesign of the Witt organization and the complete re-do of a catalog including new photography, typography, copywriting and design - was something that they were not only invested in - but proud of. I couldn't be more appreciative of being part of a great team. When asked why this quote? Their response was "you lead by example". Thanks Dad - I learned from the best.

#womeninleadership #leaders #leadbyexample #teamwork #integrity

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